About us (Eng)

Center for Regional Development "Top-Kaya" works to foster and support local educational, cultural and social initiatives in the Crimea for the development of civil society.

Today we have the experience and successful projects in such areas:

Activation and support of local civic initiatives.
Center Top-Kaya seeks to strengthen the role of public organizations of the Crimea and to facilitate organizational development. From 2010 this program is supported by NED and our partner People in Need (Czech Republic).
- Education (trainings, seminars and consulting for public organizations and initiative groups)
- Methodical Support
- Crimean fair of local community initiatives
- A space for dialogue and new partnerships www.ngocrimea.org

Activation of pro-European initiatives.
Our organization is a resource center for school European clubs in Crimea and actively disseminates developments in the field of non-formal and intercultural education
- Training on the establishment and functioning of European clubs for students and teachers
- Support to schools for initiatives to the Europe Day in Ukraine
- Information events on European integration
- Alternative teaching methods (film society, book clubs)
- Youth international camp of tolerance "Unique culture - United Europe”

Cultural and educational activity.
Since 2008, the Center supports the school and youth groups, and also works with teachers to develop active teaching methods. We teach high school students how to create in their schools Euroclub, film clubs, debate clubs, and involve them in actively public life.
One of dreams of the "Top-Kaya" Center team is cultural development of the Crimea. And we bring this dream to variety of cultural activities and everyday imagination. Craft workroom was founded in Bakhchysaray on the initiative and with the support of our organization. In local schools special courses "Folk art", "National painting and Easter egg painting” was open. Center is a regular organizer of cultural events in Bakhchysaray and other Crimean cities.

The development of intercultural dialogue based on tolerance.
Center “Top-Kaya" advocated a regional partner of the nationwide campaign" Tolerance as a way to Europe. In autumn 2008 arranged a series of flash mobs and quests "We are all different but we are together, which attracted the attention of young people on ethnic and religious respect, coexistence of different subcultures, and the problems of young drug addicts. In spring 2009 Bakhchisaray met guests from Georgia, Azerbaijan, Romania and Poland during the International Camp of Tolerance «United Europe, multinational culture» (project was implemented with the support of German Marshall Fund's Board of Trustees).
Our contacts
Center for Regional Development “Top-Kaya”
11, Kiltseva str. Bakhchisaray 98405, Tel .+38 050 6640616, e-mail topkaya.crimea@gmail.com

Oleksandra Tselishcheva, Head of Board, Projects coordinator
Tel .+38 050 6640616, e-mail o.tselishcheva@gmail.com